Chinese cuisine america

I need two body paragraphs about chinese cuisine in america and how they made their place in America. You can pick aanything that relates to chinese food making their place in the US.
Here is my introduciton paragraph“””Food plays a major role in everyone’s lives. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to food. There are many cuisines that have made their place in American food. Asian food is one of the most famous and exotic foods that a lot of Americans enjoy eating. One of the Asian food is Chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine was the first Asian cuisine that was introduced in America. In this writing, we will discuss the popularity of different foods in Chinese cuisine and how they become an important part of the Asian American food culture. We will talk about how Chinese cuisine started with chop suey and the popularity of chop suey and its demand ending as other food items became popular. We will also discuss how Chinese food industries started taking organic and green food into consideration in their regular day food habits. We will further discuss the effect of WW II on Chinese cuisine and how that played a role in the popularity of Chinese food. “””
I already taked about chop suey, orgranic food and WW2 effect. Anything you can find on it will be helpful. Feel free to email me if you have any question.