Chapter summaries from the book Chican@ Artivistas

Assignment begins, no more than 8 lines down from where your name is. The paper must be on time, have the proper identifying information as shown above, 1” margins all the way around, have similar size and style font as this (11 point Times New Roman) and meet the minimum length requirements (4 pages) JUST TO BE ACCEPTED. You do not need to include a bibliography, cover page, or table of contents. They will be graded first on this format. You will be given 2 points for each of the following to begin:Identifying Information and Formatting: Identifying information as shown above [including assignment name, author(s) name(s) and titles of chapters/articles and book to be summarized , and proper 1” margins (2 pts)Writing Proficiency: Each full page of narrative (2 pts) (max 10 points per assignment)IF you have met the above requirements, this will give you 10 points to begin with. From that point on I will begin to look carefully at the following criteria in your paper in this order, and deduct the points below if the paper does not meet the following:Proper Introduction includes at minimum: the title of the book and chapters being summarized, and the name of the author- 1/2 page. (2 pts)The Body must include: 1) the chapter summaries and 2) a general analysis/critique of each (as shown in the assignment guide above)- 1 page. (4 pts)Conclusion: synthesis of your opinion of the work- 1/2 page. (2 pts)