Causes of Poverty Lit Review

4 page lit reviewTHE AB IS ALREADY DONE AND ATTACHED. MUST USE SOURCES FROM ABSo far in the course, you have identified a general topic of interest for your research proposal, done a search of the research literature on the topic, and created an annotated bibliography.Now it is time to synthesize what you have found in your annotated bibliography (AB) search into a review of the literature. This is the first component of your proposal. The lit review (LR) serves to introduce the reader to your topic and lay the groundwork for your research question. After reading your lit review, the reader should have a good basic understanding of your topic and why your research question is important. You can use the articles from your annotated bibliography, but can also add or subtract some.Using the research literature you found through the development of your annotated bibliography as a start (with possible additional research, if needed),