Case Study Report Learning and Development in a Selected Organization

DETT621 Online Learning and Development in the WorkplaceAssignment 1: Case Study ReportLearning and Development in a Selected Organization(20% of final grade)See Course Schedule for Due DateASSIGNMENTGoal• Conduct a case study examining a selectedorganization’s level of learning and development (L&D) maturity.The intention of the assignment is to demonstrate your ability to examine an organization’s learning and development activities and how well they support the organization’s mission and operation.Skills development• Competence in the conduct of a case study.• Competence in analyzing the learning and development capabilities of an organization.Select an organization that uses (or could benefit from using) distance learning in its training and development and conduct a case study describing an organization and examining the organization’s level of learning and development (L&D) maturity. This could be the organization in which you are currently working, one that you may have worked for, or one that is of interest to you.Because a case study can involve significant exploration (and perhaps personal interviews) to obtain the necessary information, you are encouraged to collaborate with one or more classmates for gathering information. However, each of you will complete your own individual case study report to submit for assignment grading. If you use a classmate’s case study information notes, you must include appropriate citation for the source of the information.Your Assignments 2 and 4 will be based on your case study report.ResourceStages of Learning and Development Capability/Maturity paper – this paper includes helpful material to guide your case study and report planning.See the Assignments – Details and Q&A Content area for additional information about expectations for writing quality and assignment presentation. The instructions file for this assignment also contains a grading rubric.Format and length• Use your imagination and creativity to present your case study, which may include text, diagrams, graphics and illustrations.• Single spacing is acceptable.• There is no specific word limit for this assignment, but note that quality is more important than quantity in word count.• Submit your assignment as a Word document.• Name your file using the following format: LastnameFirstinitial_A 1Example : SmithL_A1Where to submit: Submit your assignment in the Assignments area.GRADING RUBRICGRADE SCALEA (90%-100)18 – 20 pointsB (80-89%)16 –