Case Study One: Organized vs. Disorganized Serial Offender

Students shall discuss, compare, and contrast Organized and Disorganized Types of Serial Offenders, and provide an example of each. The paper should be at least 500 words, in APA format, 12 point font, and double spaced. One CREDIBLE outside source is required using APA rules for in-text citations and references. APA tools are available in the “Useful Tools for Writing” module in this course, or students can simply do an internet search for specific APA guidelines. A “credible source” does NOT include any source with “pedia” or “britannica” in the name. In other wordsdo NOT use Wikipedia, Britannica, or Murderpedia, for example. Students shall take care to use their OWN WORDS, as Canvas utilizes a tool that checks for plagiarism. Be sure and reword any material not in quotes, and properly cite at the end of the material with Author, year in parenthesis, i.e., (Smith, 1998), and place a detailed corresponding reference at the end of the case study using APA guidelines.DisorganizedandOrganizedSerialHandout-1.pdf