Case Study (International Law Class )

An important component of your final grade for this course will consist of generating a legal opinion based on a fictitious case that will be provided to you. Your legal opinion will be submitted as a MS Word document of no more than 10 pages long, using Times New Roman font size 12, single space and the citation system of your choosing (list citations do not count as part of the required pages). The case must identify and thoroughly explain the following as it relates to your case:• Summary of relevant facts (1-2 pages). Here you must clearly identify the following aspects:o Contexto Subjects involvedo Problem• Analysis (3-5 pages). Here you must clearly identify the following aspects:o Questions presentedo Relevant legal sources applicableo Analysis• Opinion or conclusion (2-3 pages):o Findingso Possible solutionsExamples of similar cases and more details about the legal opinions will be provided in class. Also, you will receive a template and more specific instructions for your final case study. The case study deadline will be announced in the class schedule. Please refer to the Grading section of the Course Policies for more details regarding the evaluation of written assignments.