Case Study Clinical 5

Instructions: For this assignment, you will have one mini-case study. While the case study comes from your textbook, questions may vary. Read through them carefully and answer a set of questions for each. Be sure to format your assignment using APA guidelines and include in-text citations where appropriate.
This is a class based on Neuroanatomy for a Speech Pathology Class
Megan is a 27-year-old television sports reporter who had a sudden onset of difficulty talking on the air. While trying to describe a basketball game that had just ended, she said the following: “well, a very, very heava-ah-heavy-de-bertation tonigh. We had a very deris-derison by let’s go hit teris tazen go for the bit had the pit!” In addition to these speech problems, Megan had difficulty auditorily understanding her producer as he expressed concern for her behavior. After about 30 minutes, Megan’s speech returned to normal.
What communication disorder was Megan experiencing?What specific subtype of this disorder is the most likely type in Megan’s case?What might have caused her to have this episode and then quickly recover?What is the site of the lesion?What areas of deficit can you predict?Identify one way this deficit may affect activities of daily living
Sources-must use the text book textbook pages are attached
Neuroanatomy for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 2nd editionMatthew H Rouse