Career Exploration Project

Pick a non-traditional area of pharmacy practice (something other than community or hospital pharmacy) to research and explore. You may use any available means to research your area, but all references MUST be cited. Questions to answer may include, but are not limited to:What is this area of pharmacy practice? Be sure to include information about the industry. Who is the primary patient population or customer served (if applicable)? If the area is not patient care oriented, what other activities do practitioners engage in?What do technicians (and pharmacists) do in this area of pharmacy practice?What is the demand for technicians in this area of pharmacy practice?How many technicians are currently employed in this area of pharmacy practice?What are the educational requirements for technicians who wish to work in this area of pharmacy practice? Is training required beyond becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician?What are the salary expectations for technicians in this area of pharmacy practice?Are there any professional associations for pharmacists and technicians working in this area of pharmacy practice?Where can one get more information about this area of pharmacy practice?You may not be able to answer all of these questions, but should make an attempt to provide as much information as possible.You are required create a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) on a chosen area of pharmacy practice. The presentations should address some if not all of the questions above. Each presentation should contain appropriate visual effects (text and pictures), accompanied by videos or other educational tools as appropriate. All sources MUST be cited in APA format. For more information on APA guidelines please visit this link The presentation should also contain a minimum of 5 post-test questions. These questions may be filtered throughout the presentation, or presented at the end of the presentation.