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 Hurricanes are determined my many relating factors. Factors are facts that provides information of a result or outcome.  A hurricane is described as a large swirling storm that is formed over warm ocean waters.  Factors of the weather can predate and conclude where the storm will strike. In this discussion there was an assertion that was made that Hurricane Dorian had been in Alabama all along. The statement that was being made by President Trump is that Hurricane Dorian was not being tracked correctly. The claim in this discussion is the news communication was not telling the public correct information and being accurate. Before Hurricane Dorian made landfall, President Trump stated that Alabama and other states will be impacted by the storm. The fact is President Trump stated that the states will be struck harder than anticipated. While tracking the storm the weather center predicted that the storm would not affect Alabama. Although the storm indeed hit Alabama making the assertion to be somewhat true based on facts of being correct. However, the weather center has shared data from meteorological statistics that cover their claim which includes data from satellites. The claim that the weather center is making is that they are only going by scientific data and not assumptions. The news outlets may share fake or untruthful reports for many reasons. “Sometimes these stories may be propaganda that is intentionally designed to mislead the reader, or may be designed as “clickbait” written for economic incentives (the writer profits on the number of people who click on the story)” (University of Michigan Library, 2019). There are reports that are total accurate and there are also some that are based off facts but lack accurate details. There are several different types of inaccurate reports they include parody (no intention to initiate harm but to mislead), misleading content, imposter content, fabricated content (intentions to cause harm and to mislead), false connection, false content and manipulated content. There are several reasons why media report misinformation to include wanting to make money, for entertainment and make a point, inexperienced journalists and individuals who want to influence beliefs.  The First Amendment consists of freedom of press and speech, which allows journalist to be a watchdog for the public interest. “Government communicators use scapegoating to state that someone else is responsible for a crisis” (Lee, Neeley, & Stewart, 2012).  The potential impact of this assertion on the public policy can influence individuals in a negative way of not believing what meteorologist will say in the future. This will also influence the policy makers to act differently on an assortment of policies. Tactics like this will instill fear and confusion for listening audiences. Politicians want the community to see it as they have their best interest and are advocating for the public.  
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