Calculation Practice Compute the answers to Questions 4 – 6 without the use of statistical software….

Calculation Practice Compute the answers to Questions 4 – 6 without the use of statistical software. Be sure to supply all the intermediate information asked for by the question. To aid you, SS has been supplied. All three calculation practice questions will make use of the following dataset: Participant Factor A Lvll Factor A Lvl 2 Factor A Lvl 3 Factor B Lvl 1 Factor B Lvl 2 14 5. For this problem continue to ignore the levels of Factor. However, now incorporate the participant IDs. We are now going to be the data from the three levels of Factor A to a w ay repeated measures ANOVA (You’ll notice that virtually everything you computed in problem 4 can be re-used is the main new thing is that in this problem were computing participvel vality to write of the MS Sa Compute the participant means: P. PPP Complete the ANOVA table drSS PARTICIPANTS BETWEEN Sd. Se Given your numerator and denominator degrees of freedom what is the critical value for F(to meet the criterion of alphaOSY? Should the wall hypothesis be rejected, or not? Compute partial. (You can do this just like we learned for the factorial ANOVA). The denominator, instead of being should instead be For this problem, go back to g ring the participant IDs, but we will finally consider the levels of Factor We are going to submit the data to a tony randomized ANOVA (This means that your sums of squares and degrees of freedom for the between effect of Factor Aremain the same as before. However, you’ll have to compute the effects of factor and the interaction, and you’ll need to compute the sum of squares within the to use in your decinatie mean square) 6 6 66 Compute the two group means for Factor B and Compute the cell means CLC C C C and Complete the ANOVA table: Source FACTOR A FACTOR B A B WITHIN TOTAL 11 12868 Give your car and do o r de pres of freedom what is the critical value for F eet the c a pa (indicate for alle Should the hypothesis be rejected or not indicate for all three FX Compule partial indicate for all three FX 7 Download the SPSS file located in the Homework SPSS Files suhelder n ed ANOVA W. Submit the data to a ropeated-measures ANOVA in SPSS. Make sure to check estimates of effect in the options panel. Paste in a screen print of the “Tests