Business Writing: Create A Company Logo and Letterhead

Your first task will be to name your new company. Because your company name may influence its image, marketability, and the design of your logo and stationery, you should give the name careful thought.

To build an identity, create an original (created) logo and the letterhead to be used as company stationery. Logos and letterhead are important because they project your company’s image to your customers and to other internal and external stakeholders. The image you project through your company name and branding impacts your credibility, so give careful thought to how you want others to perceive you and the company you own.


Sample stationery with your company name, contact information, and logo
A one page explanation of why you selected the design for your logo and stationery and how you believe it projects the image you want. Use Chapter 9 (Pages 248-254) to help you explain why you selected any visuals or other design elements you used.

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