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In 500–1000 words, describe your unique personal achievements relating to your academic interests, and include any experiences you feel have contributed to your educational and professional objectives, such as supervisory activities, program development, leadership activities, and special assignments. Explain what these achievements and experiences have meant to your professional growth, what you hope to achieve professionally in the next five years, what you expect out of your business degree, and how you will contribute to the classroom experiences. This essay should detail your reasoning for applying go and it will help the review team better understand your background and evaluate your application. Below are a list of work history and achiements

2001-2003- radiology tech
2003-present – hospital A lead technologist/ mentor to new techs/ students
2004-2009- Bachelor’s degee
2010- advanced certification CT & MRI
2019- present- radiology consultant/ MRI manager
2022- present- hospital B – radiology supervisor
2022- present- opened up staffing business to help staffing shortages in Radiology business.