Business Communications – Party Memo

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Write and submit a Party memorandum, using correct formatting. Refer to the textbook for the correct placement, spacing, font size, etc.
Please use the dates and times given in the example. You will need to:
Change the location, address, contact information, determine the appropriate dress and if there will be entertainment. Use your own words for this letter.
As the Social Director for Lynn Data Services, you are asked by President Lynn to invite all employees and their adult guests to a company Party. Include an opening, body and closing (at least three paragraphs).
In the opening (first paragraph), invite the staff and their adult guests to the Party. In the body (2nd paragraph), list the hotel or restaurant full contact information, and provide data about the menu, parking, dress attire, entertainment, cash bar, etc. Ask the employees to RSVP, so you will know how many people to provide food for. Include your contact data and a deadline for the RSVP. In the closing (3rd paragraph), encourage them to come to the Party.

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