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First Question
For each of the following New Jersey businesses determine what type of legal structure (sole proprietary, partnership. LLC, C corporation, S corporation) it has and, in a table, list the company name in the first column, the legal structure in the second column and then your source of information in the third column.

NOTE: Some of the business listed below have relevant information in the link provided for it. Others do not include any linked information and thus will require some internet research. For all the businesses listed, consider using the data source(s) listed above in this lesson. All the businesses are located in New Jersey.

1- Crestmoor Station : POLI 230 Activity 1.2 Crestmoor Station.pdf
2- The Brothers Painting Service: POLI 230 Activity 1.2 Brothers Painting.pdf
3- Maywood Market Place, (Maywood NJ):
4- A Place on Earth Soap, (Cape May, NJ):
5- MoJJo Collaborative Communications: POLI 230 Activity 1.2 MoJJo Collaborative Communications.pdf

Second Question
In which of the three time periods that Lehne describes [noted below] was each of the following characteristics present? Provide your response in a table with the item in column one and your response in column two.

[Time period #1: Colonial Times to Civil War; Time period #2 Civil War to Great Depression; Time period #3: Great Depression to 2010]

1. multinational firms
2. development of propoerty rights and contract law
3. promotion of selected industries
4.transition from a rural to industrial society
5. increased government role in welfare
6. increased government role in economic affairs
7. emergence of large corporations
8. increased acceptance of government activiism
9. mercantilism
10. business primarily single unit proprietorships
11. development of factory system and increased efficeny
12. emergence op “positive government”