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Throughout the semester students will become acquainted with the many ways businesses and individuals within a business setting communicate. Emphasis will be placed on both study and practice. Much of the practical experience will be accomplished through the following simulated term project.The term project has several components including an initial proposal memo – 5%, a written report – 20%, followed by a presentation – 5%. Together, this project accounts for 30% of the semester grade. This assignment allows students the freedom of working independently to better understand how businesses communicate.Students will marshal this semester long project that identifies an organization and evaluates (SWOT Analysis, Industry Competitive Analysis) the effectiveness of its methods of communicating internally and externally with its customers, employees, shareholders, and the public. Students will submit an initial proposal memo, followed by a written report and presentation identifying one’s research findings in the form of communication strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and recommendations based on best industry practices.The first step is to identify an organization large enough to support internal operational, personal, and external operational communication. The second step is to submit a one-page proposal memo that identifies the organization, its methods of communication, and further outlines (step-by-step) your intended research path. This one-page proposal memo is due on October 24. The third step of the term project is to prepare a 20+ page written report of your proposal, research findings, and recommendations. Without exception, your written report is due November 18.Guidelines:You must organize the proposal memo according to the format recommended in Chapter 5 of the textbook. Also pay special attention to correctness, word selection and construction of clear sentences as defined in Chapters 2, 3 and 17.You must prepare the 20+ page written report according to the assigned format with insight from Chapters 10 through 12. Also, your written report and presentation must be compelling and persuasive to the audience. See Chapters 8 and 15.Your written report must include an executive summary as outlined in Chapter 12.You must use at least 10 credible and recent (less than three years old) sources for the written report. Three sources must be primary. One source must be an interview: Chap. 19.You must use at least one visual aid. See Chapter 15.You must hand in your written report on November 18.Your written report must include a bibliography (use MLA, APA, or Chicago Style).The presentation must be delivered extemporaneously, but you may use a brief speaking outline printed on index cards or on a single 8.5×11 sheet of paper.You will lose points if your presentation is longer than 5 minutes.