BSBWHS501 Ensure a Safe Workplace and Evaluation Stages


Rob is the manager of the Twitch Electronics company. They have previously specialised in the production of electronic items such as televisions, desktop computers, and cameras. 

However, Rob recently decided to offer customers a home installation and guidance service. This has proved popular among the customers, and they have proven very willing to pay the additional amount. 

However, the employees given responsibility for the service have identified a number of hazards, including:
Exposure to exposed wires during installation
Electric shocks when adjusting internal components
Injury because of exposure to arcing
Static electricity igniting flammable dusts
Damage to tools and equipment
Injury during installation

Develop a document outlining the planning, design and evaluation stages required at the workplace to ensure that the new hazards are controlled.

This should include:
a)Full risk assessment – ENSURE you research the potential of the hazards identified in the case study and rate them appropriately

b)DETAILED outlines of how to control steps required to minimise/eliminate risk

c)Research laws etc and using the knowledge you have gained in the unit in conjunction with the WHS laws and legislations and ANY INDUSTRY relevant documents that you can locate that are applicable to mention.
Design a one-page document briefing to inform Rob of his legal obligations to his workers.