BSBLED801 Leadership Management : Team Performance Plan

BSBLED801 Leadership Management



This assessment task is designed to evaluate the following skills and abilities:

Skills to write a brief report on own personal transformational and transactional leadership practices used to develop and promote team effectiveness.

Skills to discuss team concerns and expectations.

Skills to prepare a Team Performance Plan

Skills to prepare an implementation Plan for a Team Performance Plan.

Assessment Instructions

  • This assessment task requires students to act as the Operations Manager at KPMG.
  • The student will complete the given activities based on information provided in the scenario.
  • Answers must demonstrate the student’s application of their information and knowledge to required skills and other applicable criteria according to the unit of competency.
  • The roles of the team members will be allocated to the other students/staff in the class by the trainer/assessor.
  • The student must use the provided templates when writing their answers.
  • You must assess the performance as per the performance criteria and checklist provided.

Lead in a transformational manner, model and cultivate collaborative thinking.


You are working as the Operations Manager at KPMG looking after the Melbourne office. Head office has asked you to establish three smaller offices in the outer suburbs and 30 % of the team working in the CBD will have to relocate to the new offices. Your role will be to lead the team through this change. To do this you need to develop a team performance plan.

The plan will be used to;

  • Identify the desired performance levels of the team.
  • Identify how these performance levels will be achieved and provide guidance and direction to the team.
  • Provide guidance and direction to the team.
  • Measure progress towards the desired performance levels.

Refer to this web page for details regarding KPMG.

The ability to successfully lead and manage others is crucial to the success of a business and in the achievement of organisational goals and objectives.

For this section of the assessment, you will establish or reconfirm a work performance plan for your team and then facilitate its implementation using a range of leadership strategies and techniques.

You must also demonstrate the application of the appropriate leadership style and your approaches must be appropriate for leading the team and the strategic outcomes.

Part A: Prepare a Team Performance Plan

Activity 1 Report

Prepare a brief report on the transformational and transactional leadership practises you will use to develop and promote team effectiveness. Include information on how you will manage your personal communication, the relationships between you and your team member, the relationships between team members and your leadership role.

Use the section provided below for the report. Use 150 – 200 words for each.

Activity 2 Organise a meeting

Organise a meeting with the team to prepare a Team Performance Plan. Discuss concerns expectations and strategies to promote team effectiveness with your team members.

The meeting will be crucial to the success of the project. You are the Operations Manager and you will lead the meeting. Your Trainer/Assessor will allocate the roles of team members, at least three (3) to your classmates.

During the meeting, you must use your leadership skills to ensure that you and your team members exchange views and that communication is two-way and respectful.

By the end of the meeting, there must be a shared agreed understanding of the project outputs and deliverables in the Team Performance Plan.

You need to write an agenda prior to the meeting. The role of note-taker for the minutes of the meeting will be allocated to your Trainer/Assessor.

The Team Performance Plan needs to include the following information;

  • Outputs, projects and deliverables (what you and the team are going to do, main tasks and projects)
  • Conduct and behaviour (how you and the team are going to do it)
  • Knowledge and skills (that you and the team members need to dothe job)

Write your agenda based on the information above. Use the template provided.

Record the meeting minutes in the template provided.

Activity 3 Develop the Team Performance Plan

Develop the Team Performance Plan based on the outcomes of the meeting in Activity 2.

The plan must include the following information:

Outputs, projects and deliverables – what you and the team are going to do. Use 150 – 200 words.

Conduct and behaviour – how you and the team are going to do it. Use 150 – 200 words

Knowledge and skills – that you and the team members need to do on the job. Use 150 – 200 words. is committed to providing top quality homework assistance to Australian students. We are widely recognized as the best homework helpers and offer our power-packed homework help services at pocket-friendly prices. So if you want a homework solver online, quit searching the internet for write my homework online and get on