BSBLDR803 Develop and Cultivate Collaborative- Emotional Intelligence



1: As an Educational leader within the organisation how would you ensure that you manage to effectively generate trust and confidence from relevant stakeholders?

Please outline 3 examples against each stakeholders that you have stated in first part of
2: As an RTO Manager what communication strategies would you implementto represent organisation positively to local community? Please list at least 4 strategies


3: Outline 3 reasons why networking is important in the process of partnership development


4: List 3 strategies (3 for staff and 3 for other stakeholders) you would use to influence staff and stakeholders to achieve organisational requirements and to contribute
to desired culture.


5: List at least 4 steps you as an RTO Manager would apply to lead establishment of a partnership program of your organisation


6: Give an example of how you would identify and incorporate relevant legal requirements into planning of a partnership in your role of an RTO Manager.


7: Describe the 4 stages of a systematic approach to a conflict resolution that you, as a Manager would apply to ensure that conflict is resolved in a fair, equitable and collaborative manner


8: What at least 3 main features of the reporting system that you would put in place for reporting results against planned partnership outcomes


9: Give an example of how you would implement a reporting system to map progress against partnership outcomes


10: List 3 factors that would help create an effective engagement strategy for partner or a stakeholder?


11: List at least 3 indicators and a feedback process that as an RTO Manager you can use to evaluate the health of the work environment.


12: As a strategic leader, what action could you take to establish and emphasise ethical practice in your firm.


13: Explain the following terms:
a. Code of conduct
b. Antidiscrimination
c. WHS act


14: Give an example how you would apply Emotional Intelligence in managing the partnership

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