British literature

Only MSWord files will be accepted.  All submitted assignments must be in correct MLA format with any source used properly cited for credit.  Any uncited source material is plagiarism.  Familiarize yourself with the Purdue OWL; it and other useful resources are available via links on my page on the Learning Web.
Be aware that the matter of MLA requirements (the header, the first page information, the title, and the work cited entry list) do not count towards the required length for any assignment.
The Purdue OWL’s section regarding MLA is available at (Links to an external site.).
Each submission must be an original, unique, previously unsubmitted work on the part of the student author.
Each submission must be a minimum of 600 words in length, responding clearly, effectively, and directly with the prompt in the form of a brief essay.
Remember to both be sure that the submission has an overarching, provable thesis, claims to build its case, and support and explication for the various claims. Repeating the prompt is not making a thesis statement.
Do not forget to proofread and edit carefully and effectively. While these journals are not formal essays, getting in the practice before the final essay and developing useful and effective writing habits starts with the small stuff.

journal assignment question
True Adventures, Allegories, and Audience
For this journal, you need to respond, citing textual moments from all three authors’ texts, effectively and clearly to the prompt:
Each poem attempts to teach its audience by engaging that audience.  What strategies does each author use?  How does each author teach her/his audience to anticipate the lesson available?  How does each author, working in a different genre of poetry (Marie’s “true adventures,” Langland’s allegory, and the Gawain poet’s combination of the two), create that impact?
As with all journals, I’m not interested in what I wrote in the lectures; I literally know that stuff.  I’m interested in how you engage with those texts you read / watched and how you think about them.