Bringing the world of golf into the future with technology

As a company, Intellect Golfers is bringing the world of golf into the future with technology to help both
amateurs and professional golfers. Our “Golf Gold” balls are designed to track your balls path, speed, and club
to ball contact. Our goal with this product is to cut down on golf ball search time, along with helping you
improve your golf swing by tracking where your club strikes the ball. This product will be sold in sport retail
stores across the United States.
Our balls outer covering has 400 sensors that captures information from the moment your club hits the ball to
the time the ball stops moving. This information is then uploaded instantly onto our app to show how fast your
ball was moving, how far your ball went, where your club contacted the ball, and where to find your ball.
Through the information gathered by the sensors our app can show at what angel you hit the ball, and how to
improve velocity, length, and a straighter path. The app will make recommendations on turning your club
inward or outward, and if you have struck the ball too high or too low, decreasing how far the ball traveled.
Our free app can be accessed on both Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded the app will ask to
access GPS, this will need to be accepted for accurate tracking of your ball. Our balls are packaged with a
serial number and will need to be entered in the app once prompted. The app will keep all information gathered
from each hit for the lifetime of the ball.
Golf Gold is a great investment for everyone on the golf course. Through our app you can track improvements
on your accuracy, length, and overall golf game. This product is user friendly for anyone with an Apple or
Android device and can be used by inexperienced golfers to people who have been golfing for years.
Organization Mission
Intellect Golfers is passionate in providing value golfing products through innovation, design, and technology
with the competitive advantage to elevate any skill level of golfer. Our products will not only be backed by
superior quality, but also with superior customer service. We pursue our commitment and knowledge of the
game to advance the enjoyment and passion sought by all golfers.
Organization Objectives
The golfing world boasts many competitors such as Titleist and Callaway, with both leading as trusted brands.
With our new innovated and technological advanced products, our company will offer products that will set up
apart from even the top brands.
Our organization has set the following objectives:

  1. By December 31, 2021, have our product presented in the market 15% revenue launch goal.
  2. At end of year two, December 31, 2022, have an increase of unit sales by 10% from year one to obtain a
    sustainable sales growth.
  3. At beginning of year 3, export and sell products to Ireland and Canada, both countries that have high
    popularity of golf. Revenue from these countries will account for a 30% revenue increase.
    *This is what we have so far……

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