BMSV5103 Service Marketing and Controlling Issues


1. lid the unique challenge in marketing and management of 

2. Differatiase service organnatiors and manufatiuingeosed organisation;

3. Analyse the componontsof the 

4. Discuss haus related to managingsaviceqaality;

5. Descrbe the role of empb)eet in service ddivery and consumer satisfactim and EsFlain the issues of ascents satisfaction, rotation and service recovery.
This cause is divided into 10 bpics. The synopsn for each topic can be listed as folbra: 
Topic 1 Sefine service and aplaint the nature of service, is charactaktia, classifiaticns and mulcting rm. The various chtlenyes in 11CMCO marketing are also disclosed.
Topic 2 Intmcluces a model of purchase pnren and examines factors influercing the prepurchase stage of the purchae pnrais. Tyres of risk, lawn-4 in the purchase proms and grateaes to reduce them are dm disco ad. 
Topic 3 defines savior polity. Service quality is the forts of disoasion in managing the marketing activities of a service organisation- This topic explains the princbles that underlie the concept of service qaality, provides insigths on quality gaps and discusses methods that used to measure service quality.

Topic 4 presents thedamns:am of service product, the augmented product and explains the Flower of &mice- Service blueprinting is also examined. The cowepts of new service product development and the seven types d approaches thatcan be used in devebping new service proiucs am alb discussed.

Topic 5 inroduca the role of pricing in unite and factors determining price. Pricing it the only element that S able to generate revenue for an orgarisatien. Pricing modification methods, price increase Sues and bases in pricing are also discussed. 
Tilticthoudines the role of marketingcommunication in service and the choice of enabling correnunicatian mix for services.

Topic 6 Also discusses the impact ofserviceenvironment on consumers and aspects of stoic. envirounnit design.

Topic 7 fccusa on the accessbaity and attilabfiety function of distribution. The landscape of senice distrbution is being Inaely transformed by techrolig. &nice diarkution is concerned with how a saber S made available and accessible to consurners.Cliannel structures, distrbution growth optiors and the components of diarbution management are also dirussed.

Topic 8 Role of service personnel Nether with the bbcharactaistics of service perscnneL Controlling issues and the different ways to deal with codlict and stressare alcodisnescd. 
Topic 9 is devoted towards exphiring the seam operation, operational design simultaneously with how b manage custona waiting and queues. Customers today expect efficient and effective delivery of mice. Time S very precious b than and senice organisations must respond to alas through thedesign of their sauce operation.

Topic 10 explains the mewing of customer satisfaction. The second pan dealt with measuring customer satidaction and relating customer satisfaction b ‘,denim. This topic also induces the coneepts of service failure and recovery. Strategies to snore senice false and evaluating service recowry strategies are also examined.