Biography paper: Francis Asbury

A clear Introduction (An introduction in which you place the topic in the context of the ongoing conversation about it. It present what contribution you make to this conversation and finally the main thesis and outline of argument. The main part of the paper should be a well researched and well developed discussion of their thesis),His background and training. In his inovations or unique contributions of this person Pick one thesis or one innovation and develop it, then provide implication of this innovation for mission today. Separate conclusion, not a common citation but knowledge citation when you cite your source.Use Tarabian’s as a style guide. It must be typed or computer-printed with 12 point type, double-spaced, and at least one inch margins on all sides. Creative analysis of the topic, construction of the case (thesis) development of the argument. (Please develop one thesis not multiple thesis).Use of proper form and style, and evidence of adequate research. It’s the content and no the length which determines the quality of the paper.