BIOCHEM C785 2nd OA Readiness Check_Biochemistry Readiness Check Questions and Answers.

your whiteboard/scrap paper. Note: Responses cannot be edited. You will be able to see the results and feedback after submitting the test. A score of 70% is required for OA approval. If you score below 70%, please speak with a Course Instructor via appointment to discuss next steps prior to retaking this test. Points: 54/67 1 What is the complementary sequence to 3 ATG CGA ATA 5? (1/1 Points) 3 TAT TCG CAT 5 The correct answer is 3′ TAT TCG CAT 5′. Remember complementary means Matching or Pairing You have to remember to pay attention to your numbers as well as your letters (A-T, G-C, 5′-3′). The correct answer is3 ATG CGA ATA 5 (original sequence)5 TAC GCT TAT 3 (complementary sequence)But we asked for it in the 3 direction, so mirror answer to give correct answer:3 TAT TCG CAT 5 3 TAC GCT TAT 5 3 GAT AGC ATA 5 5 ATA AGC GTA 3 2 Which amino acid sequence would result from this Coding DNA strand? 3 ATG CAG ATA 5? (0/1 Points) Tyr Val Tyr The correct answer is Ile Asp Val. We are starting at the coding strand, and have to remember the relationship between coding DNA and mRNA. These two strands are non-complementary and parallel. So we copy the coding strand , change T — U, and then write the mRNA sequence:3 ATG CAG ATA 5 coding3 AUG CAG AUA 5 mRNAMirror by changing orientation: 5 AUA GAC GUA 3Read chart Ile Asp Val (chart is in direction of 5′ — 3′)If you chose Tyr Val Tyr, this answer is incorrect because this is the amino acid sequence that results from the mRNA 5′ UAC GUC UAU 3′ which would have been complementary to the given coding strand. Coding DNA is non-complementary and parallel to mRNA. Ile Gln Ile Ile Asp Val Leu His Lys []