Big Data and Data Mining in Healthcare

our goal is to create a high-level architecturefor the system that will analyze real-life drug performance in the market usingElectronic Medical Record (EMR) data from providers. You will contract with providersto pull in their data from any EMR regardless of the vendor, bring it into a batch, process,normalize, and make available to your Data Scientists internally forevaluation. More specifically, you are looking for certain patterns indicativeof an issue such as side effects, collecting information about details andquantity of those side effects, and reporting on a certain set of attributesselected by analyst to address the research question about a drug and itsreal-life performance. You will use a specific drug, called Darvocet, (that wastaken off the market for a specific reason in the past), as your pilot forevaluating whether the system works and how the system works. Assume afew pilot provider sites may participate in your study. They will gainthe first adopter benefits and related discounts for a finished product, shouldyou be successful. Your general steps are as follows. Your detailed steps arecompletely open to your interpretation, based on your research, attendance of alecture related to Unit 6, and the readings.1. Find and research Darvocet.Pay special attention to its purpose, intended clinical goals and patients,side effects, and reasons it was taken off the market.2. Determine how you would structureyour system to (a) extract relevant clinical data from provider EMRs, (b)process data at the arrival point when it is loaded in bulk into from variousEMR sources into your system, (c) store the data at the arrival point, (d)analyze data inside your database, and (e) supply relevant reports to your lifesciences clients. Describe your logic
3.Inconclusion, explain how and why your system would work, represent aninnovation, and justify value for your clients. Do remember that you need toreturn value to your health care providers who signed up as early testers, inaddition to your “primary” clients in life sciences. The question you willstrive to answer is, if you had this pilot in your hands before Darvocetwas pulled off the market, how could you either prevent it or help your clientimprove the drug by the ways of supplying early trouble indicators and feedinginto the Version 2 development process?