big 5 personality traits theory and attachment theory

Theory 1: [name of the theory, e.g. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development]

[In this part, what you need to do is read the book and glean the main assumptions of the theory. Write a direct quote from the textbook and indicate the page number in parentheses. Use a bulleted list. Write at least three basic premises (assumptions). The main ideas are usually summarized in the lecture notes. But you need the direct quote from the textbook.]

A. Basic Premise: [Below is an example for Piaget’s theory.]

1. “Children are active and motivated learners” ( p. 30). [If you are quoting from the textbook you don’t need to indicate the author’s name at this point. You will do it in the final paper using APA format. But if you use other sources, indicate the author’s name and page number in the text and the full reference at the bottom of the outline.

2. “…

B. Critics: What do critics say about this theory? For instance page 36 summarizes what critics say about Piagets theory. The textbook usually mentions about the weaknesses of the theory. Again, what you need to write here is direct quotations, not your opinion or a paraphrase. You will do that in the upcoming assignments.

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