Bamboo Paper

Bamboo has been used for myriad of applications in the Asian culture. The use ofbamboo in the western culture is somewhat limited and driven by marketing. Research theuse of bamboo in the western world, especially its introduction, development of the market,different products, and maturity of the market/products. Subsequently, compare andcontrast the use of bamboo in the western and Asian cultures. Use lecture material,assigned readings, as well as published literature, reports, trade journals, articles and otherwhite papers to critically analyze the use bamboo in the western world.Grades will be based on your ability to synthesize course material (lecture and readings),research into the existing body of literature, and apply it within the term paper.The term paper should be completed using Microsoft Word or compatible software. Uploadyour term paper as attachment at the appropriate location in Canvas. Use 12-point font doublespaced text with 1 inch page margin on all sides. Cite references appropriately both within textand in a references section at the end of the document. The write up should not exceed 2500words (excluding tables, figures, and references) and be divided into the following sections: Introduction History of bamboo in the western world Current state-of-the-art Perceived future of bamboo products in the western world Difference between Asia and the West in current practices using bamboo and bambooproducts Conclusion References