Background & recommendation

In a 2018 USAToday article, Dan Caplinger discusses the sharply rising costs of acollege education:Overthe past 10 years, the average price for tuition and fees at four-year privatecolleges and universities has jumped to $34,740 a year, up more than $7,000,according to statistics from the College Board. Those costs have outpaced therate of inflation by more than 3 percentage points, continuing a troubling trendthat has persisted for decades.There are a lotof factors that contribute to the rising costs of higher education, and severalconsequences, many of which are unintentional. There is no consensus on eitherthe nature of the problem, nor how to remedy it. Financial experts, educators,and politicians have diagnosed the problem and suggested possible solutions formany years, even as the cost becomes less and less affordable for manyfamilies.
American Familiesfor Affordable College (AFAC) is a new advocacy group that hopes to pressurepoliticians and colleges to find ways to lower the costs of higher education.For this assignment, you have been hired by AFAC as a consultant charged withmaking a recommendation for how to prioritize their agenda. They know that theycannot fix everything at once, so they have hired you to recommend the best wayto begin lowering the cost of college.
You will selectone major aspect of college costs provide AFAC with a strong sense of how thatdebate is discussed. After you have laid out your “they say” focused backgroundsection, you will then make a recommendation for how to begin resolving the issue.