August Wilson


ALL ANSWERS MUST BE SUBSTANTIVE. USE EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR ASSERTIONS. REALLY EXPLORE THE CONNECTIONS.1) After reading/watching the lecture, movie and accompanying materials, how would YOU describe August Wilson’s legacy in American Theatre? Why was his work important in moving the theatrical conversation forward?2) In MA RAINEY’S BLACK bottom, each of the characters is looking for their version of higher status. Choose one character and give three examples from their words and actions that demonstrate how that character is trying to get status.3) From the interview with Wilson, pick out one exchange between the two men and describe why you think it is an important point raised. In your view, do Rose’s questions approach race properly? Have these questions been answered or resolved in the last 25 years?


Self Knowledge

Conduct a search on the internet and phone app sites for assistive apps,
devices and technology aimed at helping Military/Veterans with coping skills, suicide prevention and or
therapy, or those that assist a therapist or social worker in treatment with this population or their families.

Explain which of the four positioning categories described by Sherman (Breakaway, Reverse Positioning, Blue Ocean or Disruptive Innovation) best describes the move, and why

Find an example of a disjunction in the Lasky, Woolard or Puro poems. Explain its effect on you — analyze the purpose and effect, overall, of the disjunction to the subject matter or construction of the poem.

In a minimum of 300 words, What is the role of private -public partnerships and non-government agencies in response to an emergency or disaster? Explain and give an example of an private organization or non-profit agency and its role in a past known emergency or disaster.

Sharing an Annotation

Investigating Health – Related urban legends, rumors, and hoaxes


Response Paper “Magda Szabó, The Door”

Informative Essay/writers choice