Assignment – Excel

Excel sheet attached
. Apply the following formatting to each specified sheet:

Sheet 1 (This sheet will be blank when you open the template.)

Rename Sheet 1 to ‘Data’.
Title columns A-C: Name, Date, and Amount.
In column A, list the last names of 8 fictional patients.
In column B, enter a random date for each patient.
In column C, enter a random amount of medication for each patient.
Alphabetize the patient last names in A-Z sort order.
Insert a new column between columns A and B. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be used for patient first names.
Insert a new row within the middle of your list. This does not have to be populated with data, but it can be.
Apply center alignment on all cells with data in them.
Change the Font in all cells that contain data – do not use Times New Roman or Calibri.
Use the Border tool to create definition around a cell within your sheet.
Choose a Fill color for your column and row titles.
Autofit the width and height of all cells with data in them so all data is clearly visible.
Meds sheet

Remove the formatting from cell D5 on the Meds sheet so that cell D5 appears like the other cells in the sheet.
Use the SUM function to find the sum of the numbers in column D.
Use the AVG function to find the average of the numbers in column D.
Place a third formula (e.g., MAX, MIN, COUNT) in a non-adjacent cell. This means you will need to manually type the formula and cell range into a cell.
BMI sheet

Enter random weight amounts in cells B7:B11.
Enter random height amounts in cells C7:C11.
Copy and paste the BMI formula into cells D7:D11. You can use an Excel drag-and-drop feature to copy and paste the BMI formula; see A Faster Way to Use the Fill Handle
video for assistance.
Once the formula is copied, highlight cells B2:D11 and create a comparison chart.
BP sheet

Insert an Excel chart (graph) of your choice using the blood pressure data provided on this sheet.
Apply at least three customization formats to your chart. List the three customizations you implemented in a cell near the chart.
Sheet 5

Delete Sheet 5.
Saving Your Work

Save as excel_practice_lastname.xlsx (e.g., “excel_practice_smith.xlsx”).
Your submission this week will be an Excel workbook (.xls, .xltx, or .xlsx).

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