Assessing Special At-Risk Population

The essay must include the following criteria:o Choose one special needs, at-risk, group/population and find a nursing theory/assessment model that fits for an advanced health assessment model to match the group’s assessment needs.o This is not a head-to-toe assessment. This is an assessment of the unique overall needs of your at-risk population. From the research of the special population and the Nursing Theorist of your choice, you will need to develop and depict an Assessment of Needs Model of your own in the Essay as a unique graphic display. The new Model will be your own work. (The graphic should come from the Discussion in Week 2 but may be revised, or can be a brand new creation)o Discuss your chosen nursing theory/assessment model and how the framework supports the advanced assessment needs of your chosen special needs group.o Detail the ethical, cultural, spiritual, environmental, community, and home health advanced assessment needs of your special group. Include how technology can be used to track health data, information, and new knowledge to produce the wisdom to make sound nursing judgments and decisions.o Conclude with a reflection on the difference between a head-to-toe assessment and an advanced health assessment including your role as a BSN-prepared RN providing advanced assessment services to your special groups.· The essay will be completed in APA 7th edition format.