Art Question

Music Listening/Feeling/Visualization Project
First: Look up and read a short bio of Florence Price (1887-1953)
Then: Listen to one of the movements from:
Symphony No 1 in E minor
Allegro (ma) non troppo
Largo, Maestoso
Juba Dance: Allegro
Finale: Presto


I highly recommend you listen with headphones and without distraction. While you are listening to your chosen movement pay careful attention to how the sound, rhythm, timbre, expression, and volume make you feel. What comes to your mind when you listening? WRITE IT ALL DOWN! Scribble, doodle, free think with your pencil or pen.

THEN…find 2 contrasting styles of images that describe visually how the music made you feel. One should be a painting, photograph sculpture of a classical or formal style and one from a cartoon, Disney scene, anime, pop culture, whatever. Print the 2 images and post them in class and upload them as a pdf on Moodle.

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