Art, Architecture, and Interior design

Art, architecture, and interior design have been interrelated ever since the eighteenthcentury, but their cross over influences have rarely been acknowledged, Do someresearch of your own about their connections across time. For this essay select oneartwork or architectural structure and one interior design and show how theyinfluenced each other, In this context, you can also discuss stage sets for theaters,movies, graphic novels, or representations of interior design in paintings, drawings, etcInclude information about historical, geographical, and cultural contexts; provide information about the artists, architects, or designers involved; their lives, and their geographic origins and inspirations can be discussedIdentify technique (e.g. fresco painting in a wall decoration, lathe turned wood for furniture, half-timber structure or reinforced concrete for architecture, etc.), title, date, dimensions (only if known)Engage visual information provided by the works themselves: Describe what you see and interpret this visual information.Point out the historical context and inherent aesthetic qualities of the work. Ask yourself questions such as this: What defined the period style that you are dealing with? What are the design’s specific features? How and when was this interior design used? For what purpose was it created? What design philosophies are implied (for example, wabi/sabi for a contemporary interior designer such as Axel Vervoordt)?Write in clear and grammatically correct English. Full sentences only.