Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Book review

1.Please review and reflect on Book 1 of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: Then choose one small passage (3-4 sentences), from the text that you found the most interesting. And briefly summarize the passage that you chose and then discuss why you feel it is significant or interesting to you. Your summary and discussion should be 120 Words.
2.Aristotle points out that, “politics uses the rest of the sciences,” and that it includes all for the other sciences, and it is the purpose of the human, and, “this is the same as for one person or for all others in a state.” Thus Aristotle further asserts that it is not just to achieve good for one person, “…it is finer and more godlike to attain the good for a nation or for city-states. These, then, are the ends at which our inquiry aims, since it is political science, in one sense of that term.” (Book 1/Nicomachean Ethics) Consider the idea that every single thing you do; every action within a city or state is political because you do things within the Polis. Polis is the Ancient Greek word for city/state. Thus anything political, is anything done within a city/state, and this is Aristotle’s point: we are all political. Please discuss the following Question: How do the things that you do your life affect other people within a community or a state?

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