Are there differences between direct and indirect sun exposure on employee mental health and/or job satisfaction?

Your method provides a detailed description of the participants who provided data for your study, what measures were used to collect the data, and how the study was conducted. Aspects of this section will be quite consistent across groups as you will all have the same sample and sampling technique. This section should be approximately 1 page.

Expectations for this assignment
This assignment is a rough draft of your method section, and will provide you an opportunity to receive feedback early in the paper writing process. Your draft should be as complete as possible and contain the following elements:

Participants: This sub-section of your method should provide key descriptive statistics. This should include the number of participants, as well as any demographic information collected.
Measures & Procedure: This sub-section should provide a detailed description of materials and measures used to collect data. For questionnaires, include how participants provided responses (e.g., describe a Likert-type scale). The procedure part should provide a detailed description of your data collection process (e.g., describe step-by-step what your participants experience). Note: this sub-section can be divided into two separate sub-sections – Measures and Procedure – or combined into one sub-section.
A successful rough draft will also adhere to the following:
This rough draft should be at least 0.5-1 double-spaced page, citing (in APA format) any materials and/or procedures adapted from other sources (which yours WILL because you are using a secondary dataset).
On a separate page (can be in same document) you are also expected to include an APA-formatted reference list for the reference(s) you cite in this draft.
This document should be uploaded as a Word file (.doc or .docx). Note that you will receive a feedback document with comments embedded in a Word file. It is expected that you will review and respond to that feedback in the revised draft due in Module 6.


  • select 5 research articles that investigate the topic, each research journal should have a written description (requirements included in attachment), and must create a table of contents for the selected research article titles (requirements In attachment).
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  • Describe the process of how they were carried out, the outcomes, why they were successful, or not successful, and the lessons learned.
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  • Explain the confidentiality rules of defense attorneys and explain some situations where they may be able to disclose confidential information.
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  • Are there differences between direct and indirect sun exposure on employee mental health and/or job satisfaction?