Application of Bioremediation Technologies: Bioventing and Biopiles

Using, I selected to write about bioventing (an in situ bioremediation technology) and biopiles (an ex situ bioremediation technology). For both of the remediation technologies, the following needs to be written:
1) a brief overview of the foundation of each environmental technology (what does it do and how does it do it and what media it is used for)
2) The types of waste that each of the technologies is most applicable for
3) The limits of each technology, including interferences by other pollutants or conditions under which it would be difficult to use.4) Actual application of that technology for two remediation projects. This section should be less than 500 words with the use of a table to inform how it was applied and to how much of the polluted media, and the details of the length of time use, and the end results, including pollutant levels and costs.
5) Clear citations and references

Note: There should be four total remediation examples (two for each technology). This should be at be approx. 5 pages long (not including a reference or title page).