ANSWER 12 QUESTIONS from book of ‘The Hype Machine’.

please follow the 12 questions list in the word document and base on the content from the pdf book of ‘The Hype Machine’.
Answer sufficiently addresses the question and reflects an understanding of the concepts or content being discussed in the book of ‘The Hype Machine’.ANSWER THESE 12 QUESTIONS:
1.According to the author what is The Hype Machine?
2.The author speaks to the good, the dangers and our role in social media. Summarize what they are.
3.What travels faster – fake news or the truth? How does that happen? Is there an example you can cite to illustrate that.
4.What is the network effect?
5.What is “lift” in marketing terms and why does the author impress this as important?
6.What is personalized mass persuasion?
7.What is digital marketing’s dirty secret according to Sinal?
8.Sinal cites Marc Pritchard, the CEO of P

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