Annotations, APA Citations, and Mutations

: For this short assignment I want you to review the discussion of mutations in chapter 4 of Explorations. The discussion is mainly occurs from the bottom of page 114 (book’s pagination) to the beginning of the “Genetic drift” discussion (towards the bottom of page 120). Mutation-related topics come back up a few times later in the chapter as well. Once you have reviewed the books’ mutations discussion, I want you to select two different topics or key terms related to mutation and locate a peer-reviewed science journal article on research directly related to each of the two. As you know, key concepts and topics are generally boldfaced in our textbook, so boldfaced terms are a good place to look. Make sure you choose concepts or topics you find interesting!“Peer reviewed” means scholars (peers) evaluate, comment, and approve article submissions before they are published. The peer-review process governs any serious academic research journals. To locate research journal articles on your chosen topics, you should use research databases. The Shatford Library’s Anthropology Research GuideLinks to an external site. has additional information and links to a list of databases like Ebsco, Jstor, Proquest, and others that you can use these to locate your journal articles. Make sure to choose articles with research that interests you. Scientific research can be tough to fully understand but that’s okay– it’s more important you understand the main claims and ideas of the authors, especially as they relate to mutation as a significant evolutionary force.After you have found your two articles, I want you to write a full, correct APA citation for each article and then an entry for an annotated bibliography for each of the articles. Information on APA citations and entries for annotated bibliographies can be found in the APA Citations and Annotations module page.Your annotation for each article should be no less than 100 words. The citation itself does not count toward the word total. It must be written entirely by you.
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