Ancient Greek mythology: the Oracle of Delphi

A) PAPER SHOULD BE:– double-spaced with one-inch margins, using a font size no larger than 12 pt.
B) PAPER SHOULD HAVE:– a TITLE and TITLE PAGE with your name and the course information on it (not counted as one of your 6 to8 pages!); cover illustrations, font size, and style on the title page are optional– an INTRODUCTION, a MIDDLE PART, and a CONCLUSION [see Note on Structure and Style below]– a BIBLIOGRAPHY of all the sources you used, in MLA format. See the following links for guidance:
MLA Format: Everything You Need to Know Here
NOTE:• A minimum of five sources, including one PRIMARY SOURCE (i.e., a first-hand or contemporaryaccount of an event or topic) is required• Be sure to use proper ANNOTATIONS when you are quoting directly from, or making other references to,any works. Use the MLA style of parenthetical references, citing author and short-form URL or pagenumber),