Analyze the app data in the apple store

Only need to write the introduction (six paragraphs with pictures)This is a data science problem about exploring app information in the Apple Store.
Requirements:An Introduction is about the data science question. It is about the topics you plan to explore.
The Introduction is not about the datasets, variables, methods or models.
The introduction helps the reader to understand what the data science question is, what the supporting topics and issues are, and what the overall area is about.
An introduction allows the reader to “get to know” the data science question and related areas of interest.
Ideally, an introduction helps the reader to *care* about the topics and to want to read more.
The Intro should not contain any information about the dataset or the data cleaning, prep, processing, etc. Everything about the dataset goes into the Analysis section under the “About the Data” subsection.
Introductions can and should include basis, background, history, the state-of-the-art, images, references, etc.
An introduction will also help the reader to understand who the topics affect and why the topics matter.
Please expand the six paragraphs around what I have written so far.What I currently write:
The topic I chose is to analyze the app data in the apple store. Apple is the dominant mobile brand today, and the App store is the channel through which Apple users download apps. By using APIs, we can get access to thousands of information about Apple IOS mobile apps. Mining out this data for exploratory data analysis can help us understand app downloads, app ratings, user preferences, and more. Analyzing mobile apps is an effective way to retain existing users and increase future users.
10 questions that I plan to answer for your topic.
Which categories have the highest rated apps?Which categories have apps with high prices?Which categories have apps with low prices?Are paid apps worth the money compared to free apps in the same category? In other words, do pay apps have a higher rating?What is the price range in which users are more likely to buy apps?What categories of apps are available to the App store worldwide?What features make apps more likely to be available to the worldwide App store?Which app descriptions do users get attracted to?What types of apps are users more likely to download?What features increase the number of app downloads?