Analysis Paper over the series ‘The Men Who Built America’

Paper topic: The Men Who Built America- Managment analysis Watch the series “The Men Who Built America” which can be found on Amazon and included with Amazon Prime Membership. Paper will discuss the behaviors displayed by the leaders and correlate them with the managment and business terms provided. You will cite, following MLA style, and apply ALL of these terms and / or concepts about buisness or managment to the essay and highlight them in YELLOW. Cite the show series under works cited page as well. This paper leans more towards an analysis of the managment styles and traitd the leaders show as a whole and how they correlate with the terms listed. The paper needs to reflect traits of a “research paper” and an analysis.-Leading-Decision making-Competitor-Unethical Behavior-scope – when applied to a strategy it specifies the range of markets in which an orginization will compete-resource deployment- how an orginization distrivutes its resources across areas in whihc it competes-state of risk-coalition-Entrepreneurship-Start-up-skill variety-chain of command-reactive change-Implementing change-National labor relations-Equal pay act of 1963-Contributions-Inducements-Conflict-Communication Network-Operations management-Manufacturing-Financial control-Strategic Control
Paper Topic: The Men Who Built America – Management AnalysisResearch Project / Paper Length Requirement: 6 pages (not including cover page aand Works Cited Page)Research Paper Style: MLAResearch Paper format: Times New Roman font, 12 Pt., Double-SpacedDo this from a generalized perspective; look at them as a group. What characteristics and traits do they share. Think about it from a leadership perspective more than a personal or historical perspective.