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  The physical resources of BBQfun are an essential requirement for revamping and reframing the entire business system. The major steps of resourcing are:•    To develop a training module for BBQfun.•    To develop and hand out e-commerce manuals to the four senior employees who will be redesignated and to new employees•    To reposition employees of BBQfun to help the new of the four trainees to learn and understand the discipline of the company•    To BBQfun it needs to take baby steps in the beginning. They should allot easy tasks for the new recruits to make them confident for the future.•    To the BBQfun Company it needs to be patient with the new recruits and the newly positioned employees as it requires time to re-establish a business in the modern business world of competition.The procurement of the resources required for BBQfun are:Plant and equipment•    six trucks•     three folk liftsWarehouse and office reconfigurationb)    Human Resourcing is one of the major steps in developing an e-commerce website. The steps are :1.    Recruiting•    The company requires 2 online staffs and 6 delivery drivers for two different locations (Head office in Brisbane and Gold Coast office)•    The 2 employees are retained and they will be repositioned into online staffs•    Four warehouse workers are also to be hired with them.Steps•    Identifying knowledgeable people having an understanding of e-commerce websites and experienced drivers (Jayaraman & Purushothaman, 2016).•    Planning the entire recruitment process (Jayaraman & Purushothaman, 2016).•    Providing advertisements to search and identify the suitable employees (Jayaraman & Purushothaman, 2016).•    Assessing the candidates through face to face interview and test.2.    Training:•    HR should follow the manual mentioned in the physical resources during the initial training sessions of the employees.Duration of training for the online employees•    The training period for the older employees and new recruits would be of 10 days and 15 days respectively.The module of the training for the online staffs shall include•    Use E-learning to educate•    Micro-learning•    Rewards for Achievements•    Sharing of success stories of other companies•    Train to make them compete.Training for the offline employees•    The training duration should be of 7 days•    The training should include coordination and emancipation.Training of the drivers•    The training duration is of 3 days•    The drivers should be explained about their role and timing properly.3.    Communication:The steps to be taken to build a communication•    To define expectations from the management•    To make them involved•    To show empathy to the employees          Communication system•    The communication chain from employees of lower designation to the employees of higher designations.•    The company would invest on essential requirements like telephones, IT and ISP cost.c)    Timelines and milestones for implementing the e-commerce strategy are:Timeline•    The timeline for the action plan should not be extended more than one year and 3 months.Milestone•    According to the sales target of 11 million USD, .each online sales employee should take the responsible for selling 2750 hundred thousand USD.•    The sales of the barbecues and other equipments depend upon the the internal and external coordination of the employees.•    The drivers and the warehouse employees will be dependent on the work done by the online sales employees.d)    Consultation and communication processes depend upon the technology and management of the company (Chung, 2016).•    Consultation: The employees should consult with the HR first and then approach the higher employees.•    Communication: Internet, Intranet and Extranet will be utilised in the company.