An Argumentative Essay

English 103Assignment for Essay SixAn Argumentative EssayTask: One of the many reasons why Frankenstein is relevant to us today is because it deals with the issue of tampering with the unknown and failing to take responsibility for one’s actions. While we will not directly write about Frankenstein for this next essay, we will be writing on an issue that is related to it. Specifically, on November 2, 2004, the passage of Proposition 71 opened the door for the advancement of stem cell research in California. Even today, this is a hotly debated topic, and it will continue to be a hotly debated topic as long as the field of science continues to make medical advances. Your assignment is to write an argumentative essay that deals with the issue of stem cell research. Specifically, I would like you to focus on embryonic stem cell research. This assignment will require you to present both sides of the argument and advance one of the sides using the methods that we have and will discussed in class via the modules. In other words, pick a side to the following question: “Should embryonic stem cell research be permitted to advance?” You should have six paragraphs total for this essay.First, you, of course, will have an introductory paragraph. Your introductory paragraph will have a claim (remember from your reading that in an argumentative essay there is a claim, not a thesis). For this essay, your claim will be a claim of policy, so make sure that you use the appropriate word or words (they can be found in your textbook) to make your claim a claim of policy. If I get to the end of your introductory paragraph and I do not find a claim of policy with the appropriate word or words, you will get a zero on this assignment.Second, you will have two supporting paragraphs that support your claim. Each of these two paragraphs will bring up and discuss one point in support of your claim. Do not use two paragraphs to discuss the same point.Third, you will have two rebuttal paragraphs that will discuss one opposing viewpoint in each of the paragraphs. Remember: since these are rebuttal paragraphs, you just need to bring up the opposition’s point in two or three sentences and then spend the rest of each paragraph rebutting the opposition’s point. Do not spend the entire paragraph supporting the opposition’s point. In other words, in each of your rebuttal paragraphs, you should address one of the opposition’s arguments, identify with the opposition, and then rebut the opposition’s argument that you brought up at the start of the paragraph. Be sure to focus on that one argument, and do not ignore the question.Fourth, do not forget to write a conclusion paragraph.For this assignment, you will need at least four different outside sources, and proper MLA format is required for this essay. Also, you may not cite to a .net, .org, .com, .gov, or .whatever source (except when using the Internet to access Santa Ana College’s or any college library’s database for books, articles, journals, etc.). Your body paragraphs (the two supporting paragraphs that support your claim and the two rebuttal paragraphs) will need a different source for each paragraph. For the rebuttal paragraphs, use the source to support your rebuttal points, not the opposition’s points.Just as in most of the essays for this class, you may not use pronouns that refer to yourself in this essay; that is, do not write in the first person (I, me, my, mine, we, our) or second person (you, your, yours) in this essay; instead, write in the third person (he, his, she, her, hers, they, their, theirs).Due Date: Please scroll to the bottom for the due date and time for this assignment.Deal breakers: Deal breakers are items in an essay that I dislike immensely, and if I see even one of them in your essay, the essay will automatically receive a zero. I will not even finish reading the essay. In this essay, there are nine deal breakers to be aware of.If any part of your essay is plagiarized, you will receive a zero on this assignment.More than ten of one or a combination of the following: run-ons, comma-splices, or fragments. If you have any more than ten of these types of errors in your essay, you may receive a zero on this assignment.If your essay does not have a claim of policy, you will receive a zero on this assignment.If you do not have a works cited page, you will receive a zero on this assignment.If you do not have parenthetical citations, you will receive a zero on this assignment.If you do not properly document your essay, you will receive a zero on this assignment.If you do not document your essay following MLA Style rules, you will receive a zero on this assignment. You may not use any other documentation rules including but not limited to APA Style, Chicago Style, CSE Style, etc.If you do not have at least four different cited sources, you will receive a zero on this assignment.If you use a source that is not permitted, you will receive a zero on this assignment.
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