American Democracy based on current cultures & communications

Prompt: Given what has been discussed about the historical and current practices of American culture and communication, what do you think the future portends for American democracy? In your response, discuss the number one thing that gives you hope and the number one thing that gives you concern in the present about American democracy. Also, do the same for the future. In both cases, explain.Content and Expectations. In a 5-7 page paper, APA or Chicago Style citations, Times Roman, 12point-double spaced, essay, critically analyze the differing ways in which media shapes American culture. This is an argumentative essay and students are expected to draft a college level essay.Citations and Sources. There should be at least 20 in-text citations in this paper. You must cite the required course textbooks at least ten times, and the remaining ten citations must come from a minimum of 5 class assignment sources. You may cite more class content in addition to these for your paper.Here is aChicago Style Guide: Style Guide: Requirements:Have a thesis – it must argue something (vague langue and value judgment will receive 0 credit – make an argument)A strong UNDERLINED thesis (a thesis is one sentence) which should only appear in the opening paragraph.A opening paragraph which summarizes the essay. Since it is a summary of your argument – and a roadmap for the essay – it should not have any cited content or content that can be cited.12 point times roman font double spacedTopic sentences that tie your evidence to the thesis (Make sure the language of each topic sentence is taken directly from the thesis!)Since a topic sentence sums up your analysis of the evidence, it should not be cited nor should it be someone else’s ideas or words.Do not use contractions (Can’t, couldn’t etc)Only capitalize a word if necessaryDo not give a book report, it is an essayNo quotes or citations in a topic sentenceUse synonyms to diversify the words in the essayUse the proper tense.Include direct quotes that are less than two lines long that support your answer.Write a sentence or two to explain each quote.Conclusion paragraph should explain how the evidence and findings support your thesis.


How have you practiced continuous learning? What qualities or habits have helped you the most to continue learning? What challenges do you face when it comes to continuous learning? How have you addressed these challenges?
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American Democracy based on current cultures & communications

Select an influential figure from any of the assigned readings and address their significance and influence. How was this individual influenced by the previous history? How was this person influenced by his or her own time? How important was this person’s legacy? What influence do they still hold today? The manner of influence may be economic, political, religious, aesthetic, military, etc.

research a current issue around race, class, and/or gender and crime in the context of one sector of U.S. Criminal Justice System (CJS) processes (e.g., law enforcement, courts, corrections).

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Considering critical thinking and ethical decision making models learned in PHIL101, share what decision you would make in your chosen situation along with your reasons why.