Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors in Neuroscience Research

so there is a research opportunity at my school that i really want to join but i need to write why i am interested in joining this research program!so this is the email introduction “Are you interested in getting involved in research? The AAV BRAIN SENSUS Program for Integrated Research Experiences (ASPIRE) is a newly established program on campus to promote research and development of adeno-associated viruses by undergraduate student researchers.
In collaboration with the CLOVER center at Caltech, Cal Poly Pomona is establishing an National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative funded adeno-associated viral vector core, characterization and training program for undergraduate researchers. In our first year of operation (2022-23), we are recruiting three undergraduates to participate in our academic year program with the possibility of continuing on to the summer program (separate application required). Students will be paid for several hours per week (rate of $15/hour) during the academic year. Experience will be obtained in mouse handling, injection, brain histology, straining, and microscopy. Opportunities to assist with virus production may become available as well”.
You can read more details about this research on this website since the email introduction doesnt have any information, so you can expand on why Im interested in taking this research
Now The writing needs to be “a short description of your motivation to participate in this research (1-page max) and your interest in receiving research units to count toward the course BIO 4610”.