ACCTING 3500 Accounting Theory: Barco Company Financial Statement

Additional information:
Barco Company    Kyan Company
Dividend paid    $3.80 per share    $3.55 per share Current share price    $75 per share    $70 per share

Assignment Tasks and Report Requirements

1.    Perform a vertical (common-size) analysis of the financial statements of both companies.

2.    Calculate and compare the following financial ratios/amounts for both companies:
(a)    Liquidity
•    Working capital
•    Current ratio
•    Quick/acid-test ratio
(b)    Solvency
•    Debt ratio
•    Debt-to-equity ratio
•    Time interest earned
(c)    Efficiency
•    Account receivable turnover
•    Days’ sales in receivables (average collection period)
•    Inventory turnover
•    Days’ sales in inventory
•    Total asset turnover
(d)    Profitability
•    Gross profit margin
•    Net profit margin
•    Return on total assets
•    Return on equity
(e)    Market perspective
•    Price-earnings ratio
•    Dividend yield

3.    Based on the ratio analysis in (2) above, evaluate the financial health of both companies in respect of their liquidity, solvency, efficiency, profitability and market perspective.

4.    Based on your evaluation in (3) above, identify which company’s shares you would recommend as the better investment. Provide explanations.
Format for the report

1.    The assignment report format, it must include all the four major parts listed in the requirements of the question. The report should be presented in a professional and quality manner.

2.    Apart from the vertical and ratio analyses required in the question, the report must also discuss the relevant qualitative issues of financial statement analysis for various purposes, evaluations and recommendations.

3.    Relevant headings/sub-headings/sections in the report should be designed appropriately to cover the relevant issues in the question. proper identification and organisation of the relevant issues discussed in the report.

4.    The report should contain a cover page, a table of contents, an introduction, the main report body, a conclusion, and the references.

5.    The number of references should be between 5 to 10 (maximum one page) for any materials (academic, business, professional) referenced and cited to support your arguments / concepts / examples addressed in the report. 

•    Report body length: 1,200 words (excluding vertical and ratio analyses).