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11.3 Assignment Homework
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Upon completing the Mountain Village Clinic Case Study found in the Pink and Song text, complete the Assignment #11 Excel spreadsheet below. Responses to the “Question Set” (located on the bottom left tab of the spreadsheet) should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and answered using the text wrap feature in the same cell as the question. Remember to use the spreadsheet labeled “Model” (located on the bottom left tab of the spreadsheet) to assist with your calculations. Your completed file should be named using the First initial of your first name_Your last name_Module 11 Homework (i.e., J_Smith_Module 11 Homework).

Questions (found on the Question Set tab of Assignment #11 Excel spreadsheet below):

Based on the monthly cash budget, what is the maximum loan balance for January? Based on the daily cash budget, what is the maximum loan balance for January? Why are the numbers different?
Which budget should the clinic rely upon, the daily or monthly? Why?
Construct scenarios when billings are 5% higher and lower than the base case scenario here.
How do these scenarios change the maximum potential loan balances?
What credit line would you recommend for the clinic, using the best and worst scenarios as well?
Submission Instructions:

Before submitting your homework assignment, be sure to review the Case Study Assignment Grading Rubric.

When you have completed work on the “Model” tab and responded to all items in the “Question Set” tab of Assignment #11, please upload your work below as an Excel spreadsheet. All assignments should be completed and uploaded prior to the live session.

When your assignment has been graded, the system will notify you that a grade has been ‘returned.’ This means your instructor has graded the assignment, not that it is being rejected.

Module 11 Homework.xlsx
Discussion Forum:

Remember to use this week’s discussion forum to review your findings and listed concerns with other classmates. Do you see any common trends in the concerns and uncertainties that your classmates address?

Due Date
Nov 30, 2021 11:55 PM

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