Access to COVID 19 treatments not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Analyze the ethics of the case from each end of the ethical spectrum (ultraconservative to ultraliberal) from the perspective of 3 of the following stakeholders:Patient,Patient’s immediate family or guardiansEmergency medical personnel or first respondersDoctors, surgeons, specialists, or other medical providersThe hospital or health care facilityA pharmaceutical or medical device companyIdentify policies at the federal, state, and local levels relating to the provision of health care and patient rights that played the following roles in the case:Assesses opposing views of these policies from the perspectives of the provider and patientAnalyzes the implications of these policies on the operations of health care organizationsIdentify at least 3 state or federal laws that are relevant to the case, and complete the following:Evaluate key legal factors that are inherent in the case.Assess various policies and procedures that are inherent in these laws that relate to the provision of health care by providers or patient rights.Differentiate between the demands of legal policies and ethical issues with relevance to the needs of the provider and patient.Formulate an assessment of the potential impact of the case on decision-making options in the future for providers, patients, and administrators.