Academic Papers”Magda Szabó, The Door”

subject; Gender and Identity in Literature:
3-page paper due week 5, shouldexpand slightly on one of the close-readings you turned in for yourresponse paper assignment. This paper is more formal. Like the responsepaper, it should utilize close-reading techniques, but the close readingshould support a thesis and have larger implications than an analysis of asingle passage. Please keep in mind the overarching questions we areinvestigating and how the part relates to the whole“This is a close reading assignment. Above, I’ve attached a hand-out that will help you to understand close-reading techniques, in case you aren’t familiar with them. You are meant to be practicing close-readings in your weekly response papers. This short, formal academic paper is a revision and expansion of one of your response papers. Like the response papers, it should be grounded in very specific textual or cinematic details. You should be choosing a passage, image, scene, shot, or you should choose a literary or filmic technique and ground your discussion of that technique in a specific moment. If you are treating a film, please indicate the precise time where it appears and describe the moment clearly. Quote the text! Unlike the response paper, this paper needs to have a thesis statement, an interpretative argument that you support through the textual details that you analyze. Show how the particular passage, scene, etc. relates to the whole.”