AC415 Management Accounting for Decision- Charity To Develop

You are the accountant for a small cancer charity and have been asked by the trustees of the charity to develop a Balanced Scorecard for them to view monthly.

The charity provides advice and support to those affected by cancer; provides care for cancer sufferers and helps to fund cancer research.

You should provide an appropriate number of measures under each of the perspectives to allow the charity trustees to be able to evaluate on a monthly basis how well the charity is meeting its objectives and justify the use of these measures.


You should take as your example the cancer charity The Big C. The Big C website. You can assume that the objectives and activities of your charity are the same as The Big C.

Do Not Contact The Big c!!

You are not expected to explain the purpose of a Balanced Scorecard or describe its constituent parts. There are not any marks for doing that. This is not an essay about the Balanced Scorecard, it is an exercise in constructing a Balanced Scorecard appropriate for a specific organisation.

You must include a copy of the Balanced Scorecard that you would present to the trustees.

You are not expected to do any calculations, but you may include numbers (which you can make up) if it helps you to explain one of your proposed measures.

You are expected to ensure that the measures are appropriate to the organisation and to explain how the measure will be useful.

You are expected to reference your work appropriately. Several relevant journal articles have been provided.

I would expect your work to be between 1,500 and 2,200 words approximately. That’s essentially around 100 words explaining and justifying each of your twenty measures.