A research paper for my work promotion

1. Using Microsoft Word.2. Size 12 on A4 paper on one side.3. The title words shall not exceed (20) words, including the main and secondary titles.4. with spaces (1.15) between the lines and (Times New Roman) font.5. Number of pages 12.6. The number of words of the summary should not exceed 300 words.7. Keywords should be from 5 to 7 words.8. The entire search is written in black, including tables and figures9. The following data must appear on the first page of the research: Title of the research – the name of the researcher (or researchers). – The work authority of the researcher (or researchers). – The main address of the employer – cell phone numbers and e-mail of the researcher.10. The IEEE method is used in writing or referring to references within the research.11. When submitting the entire research, it must contain: the abstract – the introduction (including the research problem and the research objectives) – the method of the research – the results – the discussion and conclusion – the